Okay, so I just woke up and was informed about things that happened last night, so then I went through and read some of the shit for myself as well and I’d just like to take the time to thank you all for showing your true colours. Thank you to everyone who didn’t stand up for me. Thank you to everyone who just sat and watched people shittalk me and make fun of me and didn’t do a thing about it. Thank you to everyone who said they didn’t want to fight, so ignored the shit that was being said to me. Thank you to everyone who has turned on me, my ‘best friend’ being at the top of that list. 

I guess I want to just tell you all MY side of this, as most of you are probably hearing the other side, without realising just how HURT I am over this. Yeah, I’ve not been around much, but I’ve always been a kik away to Aniston (I personally was just getting a little bit tired of always being the one to instigate the conversation). I also made it clear on here that I missed her yesterday and she ignored it. Then everyone else ignored every bloody post I made, so I made a post about being kinda upset about being ignored. Which was then IGNORED, also by Aniston as well. Which is great on it’s own, you know? Some might think that would be the time a ‘best friend’ would come and ask if you were okay etc. But, no, Aniston simply made every single post she made about Christina, a friendship she knows I am touchy about and that I’ve always worried about, because, you know, Aniston was/is my life and all, hahaha. Then she decides to move me third on her top and put Christina first????? Oh and delete the thing about me being her best friend off her profile. This all happening in the same like 2 hours or so?????????/ 


Oh and also being rude as fuck about me in posts is also lovely ‘best friend’ behaviour.

Up until now, I haven’t been angry and even now I’m not even angry at Aniston. I’m hurt. I’m upset. I physically can feel the ache in my chest. But, I mean, I guess, as people have slowly come to realise, that’s probably because Aniston always meant a hell of a lot more to me, than I did to her.


Now, onto the rest of you. Well, not all of you, but a few selection of people (and you will know who you are)… I’ve been trying to think of the right word for you and I’m stuck between heartless and cunts. So maybe I should just go for heartless cunts??????????? Making fun of me? Really???? When I’m crying and I’m hurt and this has obviously hit me extremely hard???? Real nice of you, guys. Really, that’s just lovely. You have shown me who you really are how I really can not trust you.

I hope you have a shitty rest of your time on rp heheeheheh :)


Thank you to the people who have actually be there for me through this ***shoutout to laura, chloe, hayley, marissa and destiny*** (even though I am doubting the last one after things I’ve read and been told) 

But yeah, you people have all proved who my true friends are on here.

I’m glad this has happened now, because it has given me that push to get away from the place and really start afresh from University. So, maybe I should be thanking Aniston, who knows? I guess I’m not at that point right now. But, after this post, I do not think I will be around. I’ve already deleted my roleplayer and deactivated my ask. I will not be deleting this tumblr, because I’ve had it ever since the anon tumblrs way back when, so there are too many memories to just delete like that. So, who knows, I may log on once in a while once I’m at uni. 

But, for now, those I want to talk to, I will via iMessage, kik or skype. And those I don’t. Fuck off, because we are done.

Bye, guys. It’s been real.